Ayurveda Dosha Test — find out your type.

Knowing your personal mind-body-constitution is crucial to make Ayurveda work for you since its effectiveness is based on treating people individually. You see, every person is influenced by all three Doshas, but they manifest differently in everyone of us.

This Ayurveda Test will give you a hint about your “Prakriti” (also called Prakruti in many places) — your birth constitution that doesn’t change throughout your life. It is made up from your parents’ disposition and determines your main physical characteristics and emotional behaviour. So knowing your ayurvedic type will help you figuring out a diet and lifestyle that are perfect for you personally and how to find the remedies that work for you.
It will also help you understanding yourself better; why you are the way you are and act the way you act. However online tests can never give you perfectly accurate results, so once you know your Doshas keep observing yourself to deepen your knowledge about your Prakriti.

HINT: You can select/deselect more than one answer


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