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Abhyanga search for term

Ayurvedic self massage for love and stability

Agni search for term

“Lord of fire, home and hearth”, the digestive fire which regulates digestion, absorbtion & assimilation of food into the body.

Ama search for term

Undigested food or experiences that create harmful toxins.

Apana Vayu search for term

A sub-dosha of Vata, responsible for downward movement in the body, like menses, ejaculation, and discharge of urine and faeces.

Astringent search for term

Substance that tends to contract body tissues; commonly experienced via the mouth-puckering feeling caused by tannis in certain fruits like quince or persimmon.


Chakra search for term

(Also written as Cakra) Describes the concept of the seven subtle energy centres in the human body along the spine, connecting the physical body to the astral body.


Karma search for term

literally just means action; action within the body in the ayurvedic sense.


Panchakarma search for term

Ayurvedic detoxifying and cleansing treatments. There are five treatments available, depending on the constitution of the patient.

Prakruti search for term

Sanskrit for ‘nature’; a person’s mind-body-type comprised of the balance of the three Doshas, determined at the moment of conception.

Prana search for term

The flow of information between cells, also called life force energy.

Prana search for term

The subtle essence of the life force; comparable to Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Absorbed from the air, food and nature it travels through breath and blood and serves as link between body and mind.


Rajas search for term

“Excitable”. One of the 3 Gunas qualifying food and connected mind states. A rajasic mind is passionate, restless and can be frustrated.


Samhita search for term

(Sanskrit saṃhita, “joined” or “collected”); Hindu umbrella term for a collection of texts which is used in Veda, Ayurveda and Tantra.

Sanskrit search for term

Historical and complex Indian language (Indo Aryan classification), language of the Vedas and the classical Indian culture. One of the 22 scheduled languages of India; serves to standardise Indian knowledge like Latin does for Western knowledge.

Sattva search for term

“Pure”. One of the 3 Gunas qualifying food and connected mind states. A sattvic mind is generally peaceful, calm and steady.


Tamas search for term

“Indifferent”. One of the 3 Gunas qualifying food and connected mind states. A tamasic mind is dull, depressed or even hateful.

Triphala search for term

traditional Ayurvedic medicinal herb mix to help with cleansing and digestion


Vikruti search for term

Current influence/imbalance of the Doshas on the body; e.g: cold, windy conditions can unbalance Vata independently from Prakruti.


Yogavahi search for term

Catalyst substances to transport the medicinal properties of herbs into the body.

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